Illustration Mice Notes: Walter Benjamin on Relationships, #1

I have a chronic obsession with Walter Benjamin, particularly with his “Moscow Diary” which he kept during his visit to Moscow in December, 1926 — January, 1927. Why would anyone go to Moscow during that dreadful time of the year? Well, no one should, but Benjamin was in love with Asja Lacis, Latvian actress and revolutionary (his “One-Way Street” is dedicated to her), and he was so desperate to see her (even though he had a wife, and she was in a relationship) that he braved a trip to Russia with little money, almost no knowledge of Russian, and very vague understanding of what Soviet Russia as well as women were really about. I love this book dearly, and every now and then, when chronic becomes acute, I talk about this book to whoever comes in sight. So I thought why not share some of my most favorite quotations in mice notes, because mice are as lovely and endearing as Walter Benjamin in love.