Everything is better with mice: #6

Let’s face it: Stephen Fry can’t be made better with mice, because he is wonderful, magnificent, and perfect. Moreover, I suggest we all admit right now that Stephen Fry is not just the national treasure of England; he is one of the world’s greatest treasures, no less.

Consider this a tribute to Stephen Fry from a happy fan (celebrating the news of his marriage). I know that I hardly covered anything from Stephen Fry’s impressive oeuvre (Oh, the podcasts! Oh, the series about Wagner! Oh, all the books! Particularly, “The Moab is my Washpot” which I would specially recommend to all ye homophobes out there to get you on the road to recovery from your narrow-mindedness). This is how I was introduced to Stephen Fry, mostly, and if some of these titles will get anyone to watch/ read/ listen to Stephen Fry’s work, I’d be delighted.

Also, it has been an acute pleasure and huge honor to draw a Stephen Fry mouse.


Fun fact: I didn’t have to introduce a mouse to the cover of “Making History” — that dead rat is part of the plot 🙂